SUP Gulf Coast offers Mini Lessons before your rental. It includes 10-15, minutes of on land instruction on the basics of paddle boarding and we will get you out in the water and on your board. 

Instruction includes: 


How to get on and off your board

How to stand and turn

Proper form

How to properly enter and exit the water

How to navigate the waves

If you would prefer one on one instruction and instruction on the water, please schedule a Private Lesson here.

If you have a child(ren) in your group between the ages of 8-16, we suggest they take a private lesson. 

Location:          29th Street and Seawall on the beach under the blue umbrellas                  

Duration:          10-15 minutes

Fee:                  $ 15 flat fee for 1-8 people with board rentals. 

Mini lesson

Stand UP Paddle Board Classes in galveston