Paddle boarding in the Gulf 

Galveston Island

​​Paddle boarding and paddle surfing is a huge passion of ours. The ability to grab a board and be surrounded by nature within minutes is an unbelievable experience. ​​

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Commonly asked questions

Q: What are typical water/surf conditions for Galveston?

A: It is different everyday. Sometimes it is flat, most of the time we have small waves 1-3 ft. And bigger waves with fronts and storms around.

Galveston beaches are shallow with a sand bottom. The water you will paddle in will vary from 1-8ft deep typically. 

Calmest conditions are usually in the morning with winds increasing gradually through the day. It picks up significantly 12:00-3:00pm.

Q: "Why do you choose to paddle board on the beach?"

A: DOLPHINS, paddle surfing in the waves and a totally unique paddling experience.

While we can't guarantee dolphins, they show up a good percentage of the time. Sea turtles too! 

Q: "How do you paddle board in the waves. Can anyone do it?"

A: Yes you can and you will love it! With the proper instruction (and good listening skills) you will be enjoying the gulf and all it has to offer in no time. Every rental is provided with a brief instruction on safety and conditions. IF you want a little more assistance add our mini lesson with your rental. It includes 10-15 minutes of instruction on land. 

If you are a first timer, and would like aninstructor on the water with you, we do recommend the Beginner SUP Class for the best experience possible.

We can modify your paddling for the most enjoyable experience. Not everyone stands the first time and that is ok! 

Q: "What is the minimum age?"

​A: We recommend ages 13 and up. However, ages 8 and up are welcome to try it out! It depends on the conditions of the beach for the day as well.

Parents are responsible for keeping their littles safe. Renters should know their left from right, be able to swim well and able to control their board on their own. We have 8 year olds that knock it out of the park! 

A private lesson with a younger family member at the same time as the adults and/or older children have regular board rentals is a great option as an instructor can be dedicated to assisting the younger paddler during the duration of the family's rentals

Minimum age of 17 is required for the group classes. 

Q: "Are dogs allowed?"

A: We wish we could REQUIRE dogs! We love dogs and encourage them to participate if conditions allow. Please have a life jacket for them and a small extra towel to put on the board for them to stand on to prevent scratches. Renters are responsible for any damage to the boards from their doggos.

Q: "Can we share boards?

A: Yes. However only one person is allowed on the board at a time. On calm days, children can accompany parents on a board in waist deep water. 

Q: "What is the maximum weight & height?"

A: The maximum weight is 250lbs. If you are scheduling a rental or lesson, please advise us at least 24hrs in advance if you exceed 215 LBS or 6'3. 

There is no maximum height restriction.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Whatever you are comfortable climbing on and off a board in. A rash guard or performance shirt is recommended. Bathing suit, shorts, yoga pants, anything goes. We do NOT recommend shoes of any kind. 

Q: What if it rains or their is inclimate weather?

A: all reservations are fully refundable. We must be contacted before the listed reservation time and date to confirm refund.