​​Paddle boarding and paddle surfing are a huge passion of ours. The ability to grab a board and be surrounded by nature within minutes is an unbelievable experience.

Paddle boarding in the Gulf 

Galveston Island

Commonly asked questions

 Q: "Why do you choose to paddle board on the beach?"

A: DOLPHINS, paddle surfing the waves and a totally unique paddling experience.

While we can't guarantee dolphins, they show up a good percentage of the time. Sea turtles too! 

Q: "How do you paddle board in the waves. Can anyone do it?"

A: Yes you can and you will love it! With the proper instruction (and good listening skills) you will be enjoying the gulf and all it has to offer in no time. Every rental is provided with a brief instruction on maneuvering the waves.

If you are a first timer, we do recommend the Beginner SUP Class for the best experience possible.

We can modify your paddling for the most enjoyable experience. Not everyone stands the first time and that is ok!